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  Biodome raid: tips for RLs on keys making
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    PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 6:29 pm 
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THis was a post I made originally a day I wasn't sure to be able to be in AO to lead Biodomes.

Making the keys for raiders so they can enter the domes is a tricky process and can lead to several errors making you waste the precious initial "Broken Keycard" that took so long to farm! So here are some tips.

Be cautious it's VERY easy for the Raid leader to screw up a Biodome raid due to awkward mechanics.

Here is what to do, in order:

- make sure you have at least 8 free slots in your inventory (for master key, keys box, and 6 spawned keys each time your r-click the box)

- make sure you have NO old box or old key from a previous raid ANYWHERE! (or you won't get the new ones and you'll be screwed)

- open the chat with the dome warden

- say that you can face what's inside

- say that you already have a broken key and ask the warden to repair it

- give the broken key to the warden

- wait a moment and pray... it's sometimes long to get items in return, do NOT close the chat !

- the warden gives you a complete keycard (aka master key) AND a box of keys (actually 5 stacked, see the number 5 on the icon)

- each box of keys will generate 6 keys that will pop in your inventory (or overflow if you don't have room)

- set a timer for 30 minutes: that's how long a key lasts once popped

- r-click the box: you get 6 keys

- I strongly recommend the RL immediately equips a key (so you're sure it's done and you won't have to wait later before entering)

- trade keys to raiders, r-click on the box again, trade, repeat until done

- WARNING: do NOT give the complete keycard (master key) to a raider !

- don't forget to spam raiders to equip the key in Hud and wait 10 seconds before entering so the server surely knows you have the key on (another solution can be to use a nano or heal kit on yourself to force a synchronization with the server)

- the keys still in the boxes are NOT on a timer ! Keep a box if you can, in the case you would need keys later

- when all raiders have a key, enter the dome yourself

- when everyone is ready, use the Complete keycard (master key) on the little device with a blue light near the turrets and the center structure: the boss pops withing a second

- kill... roll, etc.

- Use the remaining box (if any) to create fresh keys if needed for alts, or if it went really bad and some keys expired

- when done with a dome DELETE all your keys and boxes ! Or you'll be screwed when talking to the next warden! (see the beginning of this list)

- If the next warden tells you that you seem to have been in a dome recently and doesn't want to continue the conversation, close the chat and chat again, until it works. It's a flaw.

That's it. Good luck if I can't make it. :)



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